UNITED BRANDS - the distributor with a high passion for building strong brands.

We specialize in distribution, service promotion and visual branding, brand strategy and research. Everything we do is based on our Know-How and adapted to the consumer demand. UNITED BRANDS helps creating, renew or strengthen brand.

UNITED BRANDS efforts are focused on understanding the demand of our customers in the OFF-trade - the national and international retailers as well as wholesale - and the ON-trade - fine wine bottle shops and catering and Out-of-Home consumption - familiarizing us with the landscape.

UNITED BRANDS utilize methods of discovery, definition and development to deliver creative solutions – because nothing matters more to us than your satisfaction. At the end of the day, our goal is to create long-partnership with our partners in our hemisphere of wine and spirits.

We create awareness for your brand, your product, your message! with "Brand Building Promotions". From the creative staging to the professional implementation with charm and fingertip feeling, we reach your target group at every "customer touch point" directly and precisely.

Either its the image of your company or your brand: UNITED BRANDS gives it a face. Choose suitable persons from our promotion team to represent your brand. We organize the perfect team for your promotion. The start of a good customer relationship. More than that we also provide consulting on the necessary marketing efforts within the target market.

UNITED BRANDS - the brand builder in Central and Eastern Europe!

Significant examples out of our versatile range of brands we represent in our countries

JP. Chenet

No. 1 French varietal brand

(read more about JP. Chenet


Australian's Premium Brand No. 1

(read more about Penfolds


No. 1 French Vodka


Leading brands from Spain

(read more about Osborne


UNITED BRANDS - the brand builder for our "own brands" in Central and Eastern Europe!

We have a selected portfolio of brands in the world of wine as well as in trend products. If you want to learn more about our portfolio please contact us.

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