The Founder Family Udo Irmler and Lucie Irmlerova

In 1999, the Irmler Family established UNITED BRANDS and started its successful path in Eastern Europe. The direction of strategic objectives of the UNITED BRANDS Group is driven by the board.


Distribution at a glance

UNITED BRANDS has more than 1.500 customers in 10 countries. The customers take advantage of our distribution and expertise of ranges of branded wines and spirits as well as portfolios tailored to the needs of specific markets. We supply retail, wholesale, fine wine bottle shops and HoReCa.

Retail at a glance

UNITED BRANDS product portfolio comprises more than 500 international wines and spirits directly sourced from the producers around the wine & spirit world. Our portfolio is adapted to the needs of our different markets. In each of our markets, we are passionate about ensuring our products are available where the consumers want them.


UNITED BRANDS maintains trade relations in many different countries across Eastern Europe with subsidiaries and holding companies. Our long term experience is the basis on which we jointly develop effective solutions for distribution and retail. To facilitate healthy growth while acquire new markets, UNITED BRANDS will continue to conclude exclusive partnerships for the long term that will be of benefit for both parties.

In the process we will combine our long term experience in the retail market with established partners’ understanding of regional markets. UNITED BRANDS at present is working with in 10 countries.


UNITED BRANDS distributes brands and products through different channels of more than hundred producers across the globe.

Serving more than 1.500 clients in 10 countries makes us one of the largest importers and distributors in Eastern and Central Europe.